The Affordable Care Act has caused major changes in health insurance. At Sharing Stops Suffering, we sort through the options available in this new environment to find the best possible coverage and price for each client.

Health insurance covers for doctor visits, hospitalizations, and prescriptions for chronic (lifetime) conditions, illnesses, accidents, and injuries. Depending on the plan, the insurance company either directly pays the doctors and facilities or reimburses you for your medical expenses. Typically, there are deductibles, or amounts you must pay out of pocket before receiving the health insurance benefits.

We at Sharing Stops Suffering work with  Georgia Health Insurance Brokers to ensure that individuals receive quality insurance, regardless of their background or income. Our volunteers work with individuals, the self-employed and their families to find appropriate insurance coverage. We will explain, in simple-to-understand terms, the process and your options. You can buy health insurance or ask for health insurance scholarships. Our services are fast, friendly, knowledgeable and, of course, at no extra cost to you

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