Being stressed out, lonely, and anxious are all too common for individuals during the pandemic. Half of all U.S. workers have dealt with mental health issues since the Covid 19 pandemic begun almost a year ago. Roughly 46% of the workers surveyed at the end of 2020 reported mental struggles, compared to the 39% in 2019. And 55% of workers reported mental health issues affecting them more since the pandemic began.

Many people might not know where to go for help and support.

The stigma of mental illness, therapy and mental health at work can keep many employees from using resources.”

Dr. George James

Organizations, big and small, are stepping up efforts to address employees’ mental health, from offering one-on-one counseling through employee assistance programs to providing access to virtual therapy and meditation apps for free.

Tips For Maintaining Mental Health At Home

Some companies, including BP, include questionnaires on the mental wellbeing of their employees to understand how people feel in live time. Starbucks offers free virtual therapy, for anxiety, stress, and depression. Bank of America offers telemedicine options for behavior health and access to a free online and mobile emotional well-being app.

And LinkedIn Learning provides training in supporting your mental health while working from home, dealing with grief loss and change, and having an inclusive mindset.